Saturday, May 07, 2011


What a sweet day! We gathered at a friend's home to baptize 3 dear people - Rick, and Lolita (Rita) and her son, Moises.

Brent baptized Rick and I got to baptize Rita and her son.

What was so special about this day was that the people being baptized were the one's who shared before we got started. Rick read to us from the book of Acts, chapter 2 where Peter explains to his fellow Jews that they need to repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of sin. Then he read a prayer of submission to Christ to all of us.

Next, Rita sang a song that the Lord had given her in her native language, but afterwards she explained that the song was about surrendering all of her life to Jesus and giving Him back every blessing He had already given her.

After the baptism we sang together a few verses of "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" and laid hands on Rick, Rita and Moises to bless them and share encouragment and words of wisdom with them.

Our brother Ade had a specific word for all three of them that the Lord gave him at 2am this morning. He shared it and then he handed each of them a card where he had written down the word for them.

It was a wonderful day! Can't wait to do this again soon.


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