Friday, April 02, 2010


Tonight will be our third annual Good Friday meditation and reflection service.

Participants will move from station to station and meditate on the passion and sacrifice of our Lord.

Here are the stations we will observe:

Casting Lots for Christ's clothing

Tasting the vinegar and bitterness He tasted for us on the cross.

Touching the crown of thorns He wore in our place.

Driving nails into the wood to remember the price He paid to set us free.

Dipping our hands into red paint to make a collage of thanksgiving to Jesus for His amazing love.

We will also tear cloth to symbolize the veil of the temple being torn in two for us.

Afterwards we will sit and share the Lord's Supper together. Each person may sing a song spontaneously, and we will all worship together accapella.

Finally, we will all light a candle and, one by one, share what Jesus' sacrifice means to us individually, blowing out our candles as we go. We will dismiss in darkness and exit in silence.