Monday, October 29, 2007

Compassion In Action

On Saturday our house church teamed with a team from Soul Survivor Church to serve and provide free groceries to the residents of the California Studio Inn.

We got to pray with several people and all were very touched and blessed, (as were we), to share the day together.

The kids enjoyed the bounce house, the popsicles, and the music. The adults enjoyed the free groceries and received prayer.

On Sunday afternoon, at 3pm, several of us from The Mission went to visit some of our friends in the Summer Villas senior home. It was so wonderful to make new friends (like Tony) and to see our old friends (like Hazel, Beulah, Mary Swain, Mary-Anne, and George).

Please pray for Hazel who fell and hit her head on the sink in her bathroom. Although she was up and walking around yesterday, her face looks horrible due to the bruises she suffered and the swelling on her brow. She asked us to pray for her to be healed soon, and we will.

I'm so blessed to have a house church full of people who see the Kingdom, see the poor, and have a desire to serve others and share the love of Jesus with people in need.

I am living the dream.