Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hey Missionaries,

Quick info to share:

*CAROLING - At 6:45pm, Thursday night at Fountain Care. Afterwards we'll return to our house for snacks, coffee/hot chocolate/fellowship.

*MOTEL SERVICE - This Saturday at the California Studio Inn from 2pm to 3:30pm. We'll pray for our friends living in the motel, pass out free groceries, and host a bounce house for the kids. If you want to join us please RSVP.

*DEADLINE FOR MOTEL GIFTS - This Sunday is when we need everyone to bring their toys/gifts and their tags for the motel children. These will be passed out to the kids on Monday, Dec.21st.

*ROBERT HIGGINS: I'm going today to sign papers with him where he's allowing me to be the one to make decisions for his care when the time comes that he can't do it for himself.

Basically, this insures that I will be with him until his last day. I'm very honored and blessed that he wants me to be the person who does this for him - but really it should be his son, or his daughters, not me.

I hope one day everyone can meet him. He's a great guy.

Thanks for keeping him in your prayers as he struggles with his bone cancer and wrestles with trusting God with his life.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Keith,

This is Rick (from last night - friend of Scott Sutherland). Here is the link to my friend's blog in the Mid East who moves in words of knowledge and healings: