Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Saturday - Motel Ministry

This Saturday (11/22/08) our house church will serve the people living in the California Studio Inn in Santa Ana by passing out free groceries, praying for them as they have need, hosting a bounce house and game time for the children, and spending time listening to them as friends.

My wife and our 2 boys have been serving at this same motel now for over 7 years. It's become a monthly habit for us to go and serve there. We've seen some of the same faces over the years. Some have died. Some have moved to better places. Others have moved to worse situations or simply relocated to other motels.

We've made new friends and we're in the process of learning to love everyone we come into contact with here.

Even though we've been doing this a long time, I pray it will never become a habit for us. I never want to just go through the motions. Instead, I pray that God would always keep this ministry about Jesus and about serving and loving the people who live here.

Our ministry isn't flashy. It's not "big". It's nothing to marvel at. It is simple and humble and very straight-forward. Hopefully the people we serve here know that we love them, and that Jesus loves them, more than anything else.

If nothing else, we have the opportunity to see Jesus in the eyes of these people in real need as we give them something to eat and pray for their families, their relationships, their finances, and their dreams and hopes.

I always feel that we could do more...that it's never enough, really. But our only job is to serve and to be obedient to God as He leads us, and mainly to practice loving others as Christ loved us.


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Anonymous said...

Dear beloved.

How interesting that I should come across your website and that you & other beloved brethren are dwelling in togetherness and take care of the Children in the orphanage. I bless the name of the Lord for what you are doing in the body of Christ. It is wonderful to see men and women of God stand firm in faith and declare the message of Jesus Christ and help the children who don't have parents or anybody to support them.

My name is Isaac married to Emily. We are working in the body of Christ relationship and take care of the orphan kids in Kenya East Africa. I was greatly touched and ministered to when I came a cross your Ministry page. God bless you greatly for obeying his Voice to minister this kind of healing to the Body of Christ and serve kids.

Would you please pray with us about the possibility of Coming to Africa some day if the Lord allows and spend sometime with our kids in our hope home mutual encouragement in this area? We have 30 kids whom we are taking care of at the orphanage here in Kenya. We pray that one day the lord may send you to come and be an encouragement to our kids with what God has put in you for the glory of the body of Christ. Please pray and see if the Lord leads. My heart has been to support the children who don't have parents and have lost hope in their lives, as the bible says in Luke 10. I believe the dream of Jesus as in John 17 was to see the strong relationship united and show the world that we are one..

May God bless you as we continue praying for you and looking forward to hearing from you.

God bless you and keep you.

Yours in Christ.

Isaac & Emily Mukweyi
mutual encouragement hope home (orphanage)
PO.B0X 843 Webuye