Monday, September 24, 2007

Motel Ministry

What an amazing time we had at the California Studio Inn this last Saturday!

Everyone said their favorite thing about the day was that there was no program. No one was compelled to perform a specific task or put on a show. Instead, everyone just felt free to serve, pray for residents, talk to them, play with the kids, sing, bounce, laugh and smile. It was a beautiful picture of the Church in action. We all got to be ourselves, serve and share as the Holy Spirit directed us, and everything was natural, organic and sweet.

As usual, God held back the rain for us. In fact, Wendy and I have been doing this for over five years now and not once has it rained on our motel day service.

Believe it or not, the rain was coming down pretty hard at my house in Orange. But when we got to the motel it was sunny and the skies were blue.

Thank you God!

Thanks also to Josh and Liz Dulaney for bringing a truck-load of groceries that we gave away to some families in need.

I could do this every-other week! It was so effortless.
The food we brought only cost us $35.
The bounce house was $50.
The joy was priceless.

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