Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Ok, this is kinda late but I've been busy, ok?

The Mission House church (some pictured here) met in El Camino Real Park in Orange on Easter Sunday morning. We sat on the grass under a large tree and sang songs together with the guitar. We shared scriptures together about the resurrection and talked about how we, The Body of Christ, represent the living, resurrected Christ by our actions. Are we still in the dark of the tomb, hiding away? Or are we out in the world, loving, touching, healing, sharing with people as Jesus did?

Are we, His Body, alive? Or in the dark of the tomb?

Afterwards we sang some more, and then after a time of prayer we dismissed and ran over to our house to share breakfast together and yummy Resurrection Rolls (If you're nice I'll email you the recipe. It's an awesome object lesson for the kids and an incredible delicious treat!)

I had to run to the California Studio Inn (the motel in Santa Ana we've been serving at for 4 years now) to preach an Easter message in support of the Saddleback service there, but our Mission Family stayed in our home (with my wife and kids too) and continued to share together and fellowship.

It was an amazing day to celebrate the life of Christ with His living Body of Believers!


*Want that recipe? Send me an email at "elysiansky" (at) "hotmail" (dot) "com"

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