Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mission Update: 10/31/06

We've had four Sunday Morning gatherings to date and each of them has been precious.

I am still amazed at how God has truly built His church (just like He promised in Scripture), without me having to do much more than show up, open my front door and invite the Holy Spirit to lead us.

We meet for breakfast at 9:30am and share food together and fellowship. Then we move into a time of worship (a few of us take turns each week playing guitar, sometimes we have two at once), and we share communion together.

After the worship we open things up for everyone to share together what God has been speaking to them about, or showing them througout the week.

Usually one of our littlest ones, Molly, will read a scripture verse that sets the theme for our meeting. It's seriously awesome to me that God speaks to us through the children as much as the adults in the room.

This last week we had a wonderful time of confession and admission of weakness to one another that was spontaneous and Spirit-led. We spent time encouraging one another, taking off our masks, and lifting each other up in prayer.

Around 1pm we took a break to order pizzas and had lunch together. We sat out on the back patio and shared together more.

This is my dream. About a year ago I had a picture of a Sunday Morning House Church meeting in our home with people meeting for breakfast and staying through until lunch, sharing their lives and "being the Church" rather than simply attending one.

I've seen each of us grow in Christ over the last year. I've seen several emerge as teachers or encouragers. I've seen children and adults share together and minister to each other.

This is my dream, and God gave it to me, then He made it come true.

Thank you, Father!


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